Professional Host

A thirty year veteran of everything from roller skating to corporate events, our director Peter Budd has a long and varied career as a host and MC. 
If you need a host who can:
Greet attendees and serve as masters of ceremonies at banquets, store openings, and other events;
Preview any music intended to be broadcast over the public address system;
Inform patrons of coming events at a specific venue;
Read prepared scripts describing acts or tricks presented during performances;
Instruct and calm crowds during emergencies;
Improvise commentary on items of interest, such as background and history of an event or past records of participants;
Announce programs and other changes to patrons;
Meet with event directors in order to review schedules and exchange information about details, such as national anthem performers and starting lineups;
Learn to pronounce the names of institutional personnel, officials, and other individuals involved in an event;
Review and announce crowd control procedures before the beginning of each event;
Study the layout of an event venue in order to be able to give accurate directions in the event of an emergency;


Presentation Trainer. 

Good presenters can captivate people; they gain attention with a confident, enthusiastic approach and facilitate learning to develop competence.
  • Learn how to Inspire, tell stories, use Imagery When You Speak.
  • How not to have a PowerPoint make you look stupid.
  • To get a Buy-In, and make Your Ideas Their Ideas.
  • How to handle media interviews and presentations.


Event Staffing

If you are looking for one to one hundred people to work your event we can help.
Connected with highly qualified professionals as well as expertly trained volunteers we can assist you in finding the staff and helpers to make your event run smoothly.